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secular brotherhoods of scribes.

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The European Markets Organization (EMO) has issued a cautionary statement to the United Kingdom regarding stablecoin regulations and securities. Highlighting the expanding presence of stablecoins and their potential implications on financial stability, the EMO emphasizes the need for comprehensive regulatory frameworks to mitigate risks associated with these digital assets. With the rise of decentralized finance and the issuance of stablecoins as investment vehicles, the EMO underscores the importance of ensuring adequate safeguards and protection for market participants. The statement serves as a reminder to the UK to remain vigilant and proactive in addressing potential disruptors to the financial system. European Markets Org Issues Caution to UK on Stablecoin and Securities Regulations Relai, the renowned Bitcoin-only app, has now teamed up with Blockstream Greenlight, a leading technology provider, to introduce Lightning payments. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the user experience by enabling fast and secure transactions on the Lightning Network. By integrating Blockstream's cutting-edge technological solutions, Relai empowers its users to conveniently convert their euros into Bitcoin and harness the Lightning Network's lightning-fast payment capabilities. With Relai tapping into Blockstream Greenlight for Lightning payments, Bitcoin enthusiasts can now effortlessly navigate the exciting world of cryptocurrency transactions. Relai Taps Blockstream Greenlight for Lightning Payments. BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF Surpasses 100K BTC as it proudly reaches its newest milestone of managing over 100,000 Bitcoin. This achievement solidifies BlackRock's position as a leading player in the cryptocurrency market, with their exchange-traded fund effectively capturing the attention and trust of investors. As the demand for digital assets continues to rise, BlackRock's successful management of this significant amount of Bitcoin demonstrates their expertise in navigating the volatile and dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. This substantial growth further cements BlackRock's reputation as a reliable and innovative investment management firm in the ever-expanding realm of cryptocurrencies. Unlikely: Qatar's $500B Bitcoin Investment The notion of Qatar investing a staggering $500 billion in Bitcoin seems highly unlikely for several reasons. Firstly, Qatar has historically been conservative with its investment strategies, opting for more traditional assets such as real estate and energy sectors. The extreme volatility and regulatory uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, make it a risky investment that does not align with Qatar's risk-averse approach. Additionally, the sheer scale of a $500 billion investment in Bitcoin seems unrealistic, as it is several times the current market capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market. Lastly, Qatar's strict regulations and concerns over money laundering further make it improbable for the nation to allocate such a significant amount in an unconventional and relatively unregulated asset class like Bitcoin. Yuga Labs' New CEO: Making Otherside a Crypto Biz Success? As Yuga Labs' new CEO steps into the spotlight, the question on everyone's mind is whether they can steer Otherside towards triumph in the world of cryptocurrency. With the increasing popularity and volatility of the crypto market, the stakes are high for the company. The appointment of this new leader brings a fresh perspective and a vision that promises to redefine Otherside's trajectory. Investors and enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of their strategic plans and innovative initiatives that could potentially disrupt the industry. Time will tell if Yuga Labs' new CEO can navigate the complexities of the crypto biz and propel Otherside to unprecedented heights of success. Apple's Delay in Removing Fake Rabby Wallet App Leaves Users Drained. Despite numerous complaints from users, Apple has failed to take down the counterfeit Rabby Wallet app from its App Store, leaving unsuspecting users vulnerable to financial losses. Many users have reported having their funds drained from their accounts after downloading the fraudulent app, designed to mimic the popular Rabby Wallet. The app's deceptive appearance made it difficult for users to identify the scam, resulting in their personal and banking information being compromised. Frustration and anger have grown among users who feel betrayed by Apple's slow response in removing the malicious app, calling for better security measures and stricter vetting processes to protect their digital assets. CCP, the renowned developer behind the popular space MMORPG EVE Online, has set the gaming community abuzz with excitement as it unveils the game world details and much-anticipated playtest dates for their latest venture. This groundbreaking blockchain game, set in the rich and expansive world of EVE, promises to revolutionize the gaming industry with its technological prowess and immersive experience. As CCP unveils the intricacies of this innovative release, players and fans can anticipate a truly next-level gaming experience, as they navigate the depths of space and explore the vast possibilities that the EVE universe has to offer. Mark your calendars as CCP unveils the playtest dates, and get ready to embark on an unprecedented journey into the game world where possibilities are limitless. CCP Unveils Game World Details and Playtest Dates for New Blockchain Game in EVE Universe. Humans Remain 'Economically Attractive' Workers: MIT/IBM Study A recent study conducted by researchers at MIT and IBM has reaffirmed that humans continue to be more economically attractive as workers compared to artificial intelligence (AI). Despite the growing presence and capabilities of AI in various industries, the study reveals that human workers possess distinct skills and qualities that make them more valuable in many economic contexts. The researchers highlighted that humans possess creativity, emotional intelligence, adaptability, and critical thinking skills, which are immensely valuable in decision-making, problem-solving, and customer service roles. Moreover, the study emphasizes the importance of human traits such as ethics, trust-building, and empathy, which are critical in industries involving sensitive information or human interaction. Therefore, while AI technologies continue to advance, the findings of this study suggest that humans will remain indispensable in the workforce due to their unique and inherently valuable attributes. Bitcoin Price Slides 3% Amid US Inflation Concerns. The latest report on US macro data has placed additional pressure on Bitcoin, with its price slipping by 3%. This development comes as concerns over rising inflation in the United States continue to grow. Investors and market enthusiasts closely monitor the macroeconomic indicators for signs of potential inflation, and any negative data tends to have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market. As the US struggles to control inflation, the uncertainty surrounding the value of the dollar prompts investors to seek alternative stores of value, such as Bitcoin. This recent slip in Bitcoin's price highlights the cryptocurrency's volatility and its relationship to macroeconomic factors, demonstrating how global economic concerns can have direct consequences on the digital asset market. Looking for the perfect advice to make this Valentine's Day magical? Look no further! ChatGPT: AI Cupid for Valentine's Day is here to save the day! With its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, ChatGPT offers personalized relationship advice catered to your specific needs and concerns. From choosing the ideal gift to planning the most romantic date, ChatGPT is your ultimate guide to creating a truly unforgettable Valentine's Day experience. So sit back, relax, and let AI Cupid help you navigate the intricacies of love this Valentine's Day. Bitcoin's Soaring Success: $50K Surge with Minimal Retail FOMO and Leverage Benefits BTC Bitcoin's recent surge past the $50,000 mark is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement, but what makes it even more impressive is the absence of rampant retail fear of missing out (FOMO) and excessive leverage that often accompanies such price spikes. This steady climb demonstrates the growing maturity and acceptance of Bitcoin as a legitimate asset class. The lack of irrational trading behavior driven by FOMO indicates a more educated and informed investor base, promoting stability in the market. Moreover, the limited reliance on high leverage suggests a healthier and less volatile environment for BTC, reducing the likelihood of sudden price fluctuations. Overall, Bitcoin's impressive ascent above $50,000 with minimal retail FOMO and leverage is a positive development, solidifying its status as a promising investment and a reliable store of value. Bitcoin ETFs: $2.2B Net Inflows have demonstrated the tremendous surge in investor interest as the cryptocurrency continues to gain traction. The soaring popularity of Bitcoin ETFs resulted in a massive influx of $2.2 billion during the week, signaling a growing confidence in digital assets and influencing the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. This surge in investment highlights the increasing demand for regulated and accessible avenues to invest in Bitcoin, showcasing its potential as a lucrative asset class for both institutional and retail investors. With such substantial inflows, Bitcoin ETFs are undoubtedly shaping the future of investment and solidifying their position as a significant player in the evolving financial landscape. The US Air Force has taken a monumental leap into the future as it embraces Quantum Logistics with a groundbreaking $2.5M software deal. This significant move signals the Air Force's commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize its logistical operations. By utilizing the power of quantum computing, the Air Force aims to enhance its decision-making capabilities, streamline its supply chain, and optimize its resource allocation. This strategic investment not only underscores the Air Force's dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements but also highlights its unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness in its operations. US Air Force Embraces Quantum Logistics with $2.5M Software Deal. In a recent statement, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, has raised concerns about the mounting debt burden faced by the United States. Powell warns that the country is on an 'unsustainable fiscal path' as the US debt burden continues to grow. This acknowledgment by the Fed's Powell brings attention to the pressing issue of the increasing national debt and highlights the urgency for the government to address this problem before it becomes even more detrimental to the nation's economic stability. US Debt Burden Grows, says Fed's Powell. Telefónica, one of the world's leading telecommunications companies, has joined forces with Nova Labs to unveil a groundbreaking blockchain-based mobile infrastructure in Mexico. With the aim of revolutionizing the telecommunications industry, Telefónica and Nova Labs have collaborated to deploy a robust and secure network that harnesses the power of blockchain technology. By leveraging the transparency and immutability offered by blockchain, this cutting-edge mobile infrastructure promises to enhance efficiency, promote data integrity, and ultimately deliver a more seamless mobile experience to customers across Mexico. Brimming with potential, this initiative marks a significant step forward for Telefónica and Nova Labs as they launch the much-anticipated "Telefónica and Nova Labs Launch Blockchain Mobile Infrastructure in Mexico." Reimagining Decentralized Social Media: Insights from Memeland CEO. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the centralization of social media platforms poses serious concerns about privacy, censorship, and data ownership. However, Memeland CEO believes there is a better way to describe these emerging decentralized social media apps. By decentralizing control and empowering individual users, these platforms not only provide a more secure and transparent environment but also foster a vibrant and creative space for users to express themselves. With a focus on reimagining the future of social media, Memeland CEO unveils the potential of these decentralized apps to revolutionize how we connect, communicate, and create in the digital era. The United States government has decided to file a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the technology giant of implementing 'shapeshifting' rules that deliberately slowed down the performance of cryptocurrency apps and other applications. The lawsuit claims that Apple's actions were a violation of fair competition, as the company allegedly used its dominant market position to stifle competition and boost its own services. The US Sues Apple over ‘Shapeshifting’ Rules Throttling Crypto Apps, signaling a significant battle between regulators and big tech companies over their control and influence in the digital space. Aave, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has made an exciting development by deploying their revolutionary DeFi protocol on the BNB Chain. This milestone, known as "Aave's DeFi Protocol on BNB Chain Deployment," represents a significant step towards broader adoption and interoperability between different blockchain networks. By integrating with the BNB Chain, Aave aims to leverage its scalability and fast transaction times while providing users with access to a wide range of innovative DeFi solutions. With this move, Aave reaffirms its commitment to revolutionizing the financial landscape and expanding DeFi's reach across various blockchain ecosystems. Cointelegraph Accelerator chooses Dojima Omnichain for Interoperability across Blockchain Networks. Cointelegraph Accelerator, a renowned platform for selecting cutting-edge blockchain projects, has made a significant move towards promoting interoperability across blockchain networks by choosing Dojima Omnichain Network. With an increasing number of blockchain platforms emerging, the need for seamless connectivity and communication between these networks has become crucial. Recognizing the potential of Dojima Omnichain Network in bridging this gap, the Cointelegraph Accelerator has taken a bold step in endorsing its interoperability solutions. By selecting Dojima Omnichain Network, they have paved the way for efficient and secure interaction between disparate blockchain networks, marking a significant milestone in the quest for a truly interconnected blockchain ecosystem. Digital Euro: Enhanced Privacy Surpasses Private Systems, Claims ECB Exec. According to a top official at the European Central Bank (ECB), the digital euro is poised to offer a level of privacy that outperforms private digital payment platforms. As technology continues to transform the financial landscape, concerns over data protection and privacy have gained prominence. However, this executive asserts that the ECB's digital currency will prioritize user privacy, enabling individuals to conduct transactions with confidence and security. By surpassing the privacy features offered by private systems, the digital euro aims to provide a reliable and comprehensive solution for users' financial needs, emphasizing the ECB's commitment towards ensuring a safe and privacy-oriented digital economy.

オンライン カジノは、プレイヤーが自宅にいながらにしてポーカー、ルーレット、ブラックジャック、スロットなどのギャンブル ゲームを楽しむ機会を提供する仮想プラットフォームです。 オンラインカジノは、アクセスのしやすさ、ゲームの種類の多さ、そして大金を獲得する機会があるため、年々人気が高まっています。 オンラインカジノの主な利点は、利便性とアクセスしやすさです。 プレイヤーは、通常のカジノの営業時間に制限されず、いつでもゲームを楽しむことができます。 必要なのは、インターネットにアクセスできるデバイスと、カジノのウェブサイトにアクセスできることだけです。 これにより、プレイヤーは従来のカジノによくありがちなストレスや緊張を感じることなく、快適な環境でプレイすることができます。 オンラインカジノのもう1つの利点は、ゲームの選択肢が豊富なことです。 ユーザーは、それぞれ独自のルールと勝利の機会を提供する何百もの異なるゲームから選択できます。 技術革新のおかげで、オンライン ゲームのグラフィックとサウンドは高品質になり、プレイヤーは興奮と情熱の雰囲気に浸ることができます。 さまざまなゲームに加えて、オンライン カジノはプレーヤーにさまざまなボーナスやプロモーションも提供します。 これらは、スロットのフリースピン、プレイのための追加のお金、または貴重な賞品が得られる特別なトーナメントなどです。 このようなボーナスにより、勝利の可能性が高まり、ゲームがさらに楽しくなります。 もちろん、オンラインカジノでのプレイにはリスクがあります。 ギャンブルには依存性がある可能性があるため、自分の感情を監視し、支出をコントロールすることが重要であることを覚えておくことが重要です。 カジノはまた、責任あるゲーミングをサポートし、自己排除や賭け金制限の機会を提供します ちゃんよた xvideo 全体として、オンライン カジノはギャンブル愛好家にとって便利でエキサイティングなエンターテイメントを提供します。 幅広いゲーム、ボーナスの選択肢があり、いつでもプレイできるため、世界中のプレイヤーの間で人気が高まっています。 ただし、責任あるゲームと、ゲームが単なる楽しみと娯楽の源であるように自分の行動を制御する能力について覚えておくことが重要です。

Amcv.ro - Comunicate de presa distribuite eficient - Platforma unde creativitatea si promovarea se intalnesc pentru a da viata afacerilor tale! Ne-am propus sa oferim o platforma unica si eficienta pentru cei interesati sa-si promoveze afacerile, produsele sau serviciile prin intermediul advertorialelor personalizate si a articolelor de promovare. Suntem aici pentru a va ajuta sa va faceti vocea auzita in lumea online, sa va conectati cu audienta tinta si sa va evidentiati in fata competitorilor. Indiferent daca aveti o afacere mica sau una mai mare, Amcv.ro este locul potrivit pentru a va face cunoscut mesajul. Cu noi, puteti posta advertoriale personalizate care sa reflecte in mod autentic valorile si misiunea afacerii dumneavoastra. Fie ca sunteti in domeniul comertului, al serviciilor sau al productiei, exista mereu un spatiu pentru dumneavoastra pe Amcv.ro.


Я выпускница техникума. Вспоминаю о годах учебы и преподавателях с большой теплотой. Спасибо за полученные знания, которые пригодились мне в работе и в жизни.

Спасибо преподавателям техникума. Я сейчас работаю по своей профессии.

В техникуме общественного питания я училась пару лет назад. Весело было. Работаю в сфере питания. Спасибо всем, кто меня учил.

Мне с первого дня здесь понравилось учиться. Мастера профессионалы своего дела, на практике интересно.

А мне нравиться учиться в этом техникуме. Преподаватели хорошие, мероприятий разных много, учиться не сложно (но дисциплина сильная)...Жалко что скоро выпуск =((((

Я выпускник техникума. Хочу отметить, что все педагоги очень хорошие и добрые, проходит много мероприятий, есть кружки и секции, а самое главное, что дают хорошее образование по востребованным профессиям и практику на предприятиях города! Я очень рад, что в свое время пошел учиться именно сюда!

Я выпустилась в 2015 году, но до сих пор хочу вернуться обратно в родные стены к любимым и лучшим педагогам.


В техникуме есть правило жить в «Чистоте» и ничего зазорного нет, когда дежурные студенты убирают кабинеты, в которых занимались. Со стороны студентов никогда претензий не было. И вообще труд всегда человека облагораживает.

Добрая атмосфера, хорошее образование, преподаватели, которые достойны нас учить! У меня скоро выпуск!

Артем: спасибо

Хороший техникум, правда много сброса которые не хотят учиться и бездельничают, но если ты хочешь слушать, то будешь слушать зависит от тебя, знания дают очень хорошие только один преподаватель из 10 учится, но знания у всех на уровне. Закончил в этом году. Техникумом очень доволен.


Учусь здесь уже второй год! Всем довольна, преподаватели классные, всегда помогают. В техникуме очень комфортно. Нашла много новых друзей!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))

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